Here at Rose's Wardrobe we take the impact that the fashion & textile industry has on our planet very seriously.  
We’re committed to considered, classic design, responsible fabric sourcing, and making a change. 

Planet friendly packaging.

- Our Thank you cards and swing tickets are made from recycled card.

- We use brown paper tape that can go in the paper recycling bin.

- Our tissue paper is bio degradable (although we hope you re use it!)

- All are boxes are recyclable and also made from part recycled cardboard.

- Our twine is 100% cotton and made in the UK

- Plastic packaging for the badges and mirrors is biodegradable.

Our sustainability promise.

Add you- We promise to use as much sustainable, deadstock, remnant, organic and natural fabrics as possible.
- We promise to design and make garments that are made to last.
- We promise to create minimal wastage and find a purpose for any waste we can not use.
- We promise to always work ethically.
- We promise to be as transparent were possible about our costs and suppliers.

- We promise to always question, research and investigate more ways we can be more sustainable in the future.

- We are proud to be a slow fashion brand and we promise that we will always produce small, limited edition collections - never mass produced.

mission zero waste!

We hate waste! Especially wasting beautiful fabrics.

We strive to use up as much surplus fabrics in creating matching accessories, gift ideas and fabric packs.

The scraps that we can't utilise in-house we offer out to the local community for craft projects.

Our old broken sewing needles are even being recycled by a jewellery designer.

We love using up a old boxes - like our stickers say it's what is inside that counts!