Meet the team behind rose's wardrobe

Thank you for spending the time to find out more about our vintage inspired brand. here you will find out all about us, our inspirations and a timeline of the brand so far!

Emma is ...

- Designer

- Blouse/undergarment sewer

- Money spender!

- Reluctant model

- Website developer

- Fabric and haberdashery hoarder

Leanne is ...

- Chief Pattern Cutter

- Skirt/trouser sewer

- Finance director (Needs to be for Emma!)

- Organiser

- Top tidier

- Fabric researcher

- Photographer

Anna is...

- Social media guru

- Accessory designer

- Team cheerleader

- General helper

- Motivator

Our story

Hello! We are Leanne & Emma, the co-founders, owners, creators behind Rose’s Wardrobe. We met in Langholm in 2013 when we both worked for the same company. I (Emma) was the designer for one of the company’s brands and Leanne was the product developer, so I would create a design and hand it to Leanne to source from overseas.

We became friends first and then became a couple in May 2014! To cut a long story short we got engaged 2015, moved to Manchester in 2016, married in 2017, Leanne became pregnant with our son, moved back to Langholm in 2018, had our son mid 2018 and properly started looking at starting the business in early 2019! A very busy few years, and it didn’t stop getting busier when we started Rose’s Wardrobe!

We both have experience of working for fast-fashion brands and know first hand the impact clothing manufacture has on the environment. That's why care and attention goes into every piece right from the fabric sourcing stage. It's Rose's Wardrobe's mission to make clothes from sustainable fabrics that are made to last a lifetime and even be handed down to the next generation.

In 2021, we became a team of 3 when Anna joined the team as our brand assistant. She is a recent fashion design graduate who has just moved to Langholm but has lots of family ties to the town. Anna helps with everything from social media to sewing!

t-shirt collection

Our Rose's Wardrobe journey began in January 2019 when we decided to create a range of organic cotton T-shirts with vintage inspired slogans on them. (Emma was model back then too!) These launched in March on Etsy.

First Garment collection

We created our website in August and then launched our first garment collection in September. For that collection the styles were; 'Edna' Blouse, 'Nen' skirt, 'Rosie' skirt and the 'Eva' dress. These styles have continued into future collections and have become best sellers.

For the love of scrubs

I won't need to remind you what happened here! For us as a business we came to a stand still and found it hard feeling utterly useless! We could sew, so decided to sew for the NHS! We also raised over £300 for several charities selling headbands from the scrub scraps.

Move to the mill

As things started to ease and look like normality again we made the move to our beloved Mill studio space in October and we haven't looked back since! It has allowed us to grow as a brand and we love the mill family in which we now belong.

what's happening now

2021 hasn't been quite as we expected again but we taking it as it comes! We are still lauching seasonal collections using local, vintage and sustainable fabrics and we are growing as a team!


We would like to introduce you to our 3 muses; left to right; Rose, Patricia and Edna. Edna and Patricia are Emma’s Great Grandma and Nanna and Rose (who the brand is named after) is Leanne’s Granny.

We both have so many fond memories of dressing up in our Granny’s clothes and looking through old pictures and admiring the fashions of bygone times. Emma Has collected vintage patterns, haberdashery and magazines over the years and has always had a love for classic style.

Our aim is to produce replicas of the beautiful clothes, they had in their wardrobes, using colours, styles and prints from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s.

As Rose’s Wardrobe has grown we have used others as inspiration including Hollywood stars Ginger Rogers for our ‘Ginger’ vintage inspired undergarment range, Judy Garland for our ‘Judy’ loungewear set and our friends Grandmother’s, Aunts, Mothers like the lovely Jean, who we used as inspiration for our ‘Jean’ blouse. Her granddaughter, Rebecca kindly sent us to below photo and allowed us to create the ‘Jean’ blouse after her.