Waistcoats Are Back In Style: Vintage Inspired Fashion for Autumn 2021

Vogue is calling the waistcoat ‘fall’s must-have item’ for this year, and we couldn’t agree more! You can now get your hands on a limited edition ‘Polly’ waistcoat at a reduced price in our fabric clearance. Once they’re gone they’re gone, so order now to avoid disappointment!


Originating in Persia, the waistcoat was popularised the UK in the 17th century by Charles II. It was originally a long coat with sleeves, worn underneath a normal coat as an extra layer. However, as fashions became more practical over the years, the waistcoat evolved into a short sleeveless vest as it is today. It was traditionally worn by men as part of a three-piece suit, but women like Marlene Dietrich have been incorporating them into their wardrobes since the 1920s. These days, waistcoats are widely available and are often styled as part of a suit, with a matching skirt or even on their own with a pair of jeans.


Our ‘Polly’ waistcoat has been a very popular style this season, so we have decided to thank you all for your support with a clearance sale! Waistcoats will be available in a choice of 10 fabric combinations for a reduced price of £105 (or £125 with pockets) for a limited time only. Click here to shop the clearance now!



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