Style throughout the Decades: Our Inspiration

Our new collection is on its way, and we're celebrating by bringing you a short history of popular fashion trends. From the 1930s to 1950s, these were the top styles.


Hollywood was booming in the 30s and had a huge influence on the fashion industry. Starts like Ginger Rogers and Judy Garland led the way, encouraging women to wear everything from silky tap pants to fringed tops. 

Ginger Rogers in her tap pants

Menswear had started to seep into women's wardrobes, and actresses like Marlene Dietrich fought gender norms by wearing traditionally male tailoring.

Marlene Dietrich

Our Reproductions

The 'Ginger' tap pant

The 'Polly' waistcoat



The 1940s were shaped by world war two, with fabric shortages and manual jobs leading to practical clothing. 
Emma's Great Grandma Edna
Dungaree style trousers kept the mud off of land girls, while short sleeved jumpers required less yarn and made hands-on jobs easier.

Our Reproductions

The 'Isabella' short-sleeved jumper

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Feminine silhouettes ruled the 50s and a post-war positive outlook meant that dressing for fun was back. Full skirts and nipped-in waists were everywhere.

Leanne's Granny Rosie

Round collars were adorned with ruffles or embroidery for added detail. Fabric supplies were on the rise again, which allowed for frivolous details.

Emma's Great Grandma Edna

Our Reproductions

The 'Rosie' skirt

The 'Edna' blouse


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