QUIZ! Which Season Are You?

As we step into Autumn, take our fun quiz to find out which season describes you best!



Answer each question, noting down your chosen number for each. The number you chose most frequently corresponds to a season. Are you more spring, summer, autumn or winter?

What is your favourite seasonal drink?


a: iced tea

b: a milkshake

c: a pumpkin spice latte

d: hot chocolate

What is your favourite sweet treat?


a: a hot cross bun

b: ice cream

c: pecan pie

d: a gingerbread man

What is your favourite classic film?


a: the Sound of Music

b: Roman Holiday

c: Psycho

d: White Christmas

What is your favourite animal?


a: rabbit

b: bumble bee

c: hedgehog

d: robin

What is your favourite pastime?

a: gardening

b: swimming

c: pumpkin carving

d: baking

What is your favourite item of clothing?

a: a light blouse

b: a floaty dress

c: a tailored waistocat

d: a wooly hat


a: Spring is the season for you!

As soon as the daffodils are out, you’re in your element. Wipe the easter chocolate off your hands and treat yourself to our ‘Lillias’ blouse. It great for unpredictable April showers and can be layered for year-round wear.



b: you live for summer!

The heat doesn’t bother you and you wouldn’t be caught dead without your sunglasses. Our ‘Josie’ dress looks at home on the beach or at a summer picnic. Choose the rose and leaf print to transition your wardrobe into the coming seasons.

c: Autumn is your favourite season!

You plan your halloween outfits in June and add cinnamon to every dish. The ‘Polly’ waistcoat in Autumn check is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe - layer with a blouse and burnt orange accessories for a full autumn look!

d: You can’t wait for winter!

You keep the Christmas lights up all year and have a wardrobe full of wooly jumpers. Accessorise with one of our ‘Knitted by Nanna’ headbands, great for keeping your hair in place in the snow!

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