Limited Edition Fabrics at Rose's Wardrobe

Limited edition fabrics and Rose’s Wardrobe’s personalisation service are what makes every single garment unique to you. 


Rose’s Wardrobe uses Limited Edition fabrics from a range of sustainable and local sources. The Limited Edition fabrics include Lunar Tartan, Spring Herringbone, and newly released one off Silk and Wool Dog Tooth. 


The Limited Edition Lunar Tartan was designed and woven in Langholm for Neil Armstrong’s 1972 visit to the town. Last year was the moon landing’s 50th Anniversary, and the replica Lunar Tartan was created in homage to the moon landing. You can read more about Lunar Tartan here


Another Limited Edition Fabric is the Spring Herringbone. The fabric has been designed by Lynn Elliott and woven in Langholm where Rose’s Wardrobe is based. The fabric, made of 100% new wool, has been woven next door to Lynn by Robbie Trussler of Drove Weaving. You can find out more about Spring Herringbone and just how local, and special, to Langholm it is by clicking here.  


The Limited Edition Silk and Wool dog tooth fabric that will be available as a ‘Rosie’ skirt is as limited edition as it gets - only one skirt will be made. Shop the one off skirt here before it’s too late! So far, Rose’s Wardrobes skirts have made their way to new homes in the UK, Australia, America and Germany - and your home could be next. 



Rose’s Wardrobe offers a personalisation service to make your handmade vintage inspired skirt unique to you. You may opt for your name, or something else, to be embroidered into your sustainable clothing from Rose’s Wardrobe to make it truly yours. 

If you’d like to request a personalisation service, please send Rose’s Wardrobe a message.

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All of Rose’s Wardrobe’s clothing is handmade in Scotland. Each order is lovingly handmade to customer measurements, so you know it’s truly bespoke to you.  As each item is handmade, you will be updated via email on the progress of your garment. Please be patient as it’s all being made by hand in Langholm just for you. 

If you need it in a hurry, please get in touch with the Rose’s Wardrobe team and they will do their best to accommodate you.  

You can read more about Rose’s Wardrobes Scottish heritage and plans for the future here.


Rose’s Wardrobe was founded by Emma and Leanne after both having over 12 years of experience between them working in high street, vintage inspired, and fashion supplier backgrounds. The inspiration from Rose’s Wardrobe derived from Emma and Leanne’s muses - their grandmas and great grandma - Patricia, Edna, and Rose. The aim is to produce replicas of the beautiful clothes their grandmas wore, using colours, styles and prints from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s. You can connect with Rose’s Wardrobe on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Have a look at where Rose’s Wardrobe will be here. Read our sustainability statement. Or, shop the collection.