A Reintroduction to Our Vintage Style Muses

It's been a while since we talked about our muses, so here's a refresher on just some of the amazing women who inspire us at Rose's Wardrobe!


Our brand's namesake is Leanne's Granny Rosie. She was a huge part of Leanne's life and had impeccable fashion sense. Here she is pictured giving Leanne's Mum Patricia a ride on her moped.
Our 'Rosie' skirt is named after Granny Rosie and based on her classic 1950s style. It's a half circle skirt, full of volume!


Lillias is Leanne's Great Aunt and can be seen in this photo rocking a revere collared dress, which would go on to inspire our 'Lillias' blouse and later the 'Evie' dress.
The blouse is such a wardrobe staple, made from low impact tencel fabric and embellished with an embroidered collar.


Emma’s Great Grandma Edna inspired her namesake early 1940s style blouse. It's a great retro style and features a Peter Pan collar with beautiful ruffle detail. Made from luxury 100% GOTs approved organic cotton poplin, the blouse is the perfect staple piece for summer!


This year, we have introduced two new muses from Anna's family. Bunty (or Mary on a Sunday) was Anna's Great Granny on her Mum's side and was a social butterfly, always dressing up to go out dancing or to one of the many clubs she was part of. Our 'Bunty' blouse captures her classic, put together style. It is pictured below in organic cotton.


Another of Anna's relatives, her Great Grandma Dot was quite a character. She had some incredible experiences in her life, but she loved to talk about her time working as a land girl most. She was sent to the Isle of Wight to work in the grounds of an estate during WW2, and our 'Dot' dungaree trousers are inspired by her outdoorsy look.

And so many more! Shop all of our vintage inspired pieces here.


Rose’s Wardrobe was founded by Emma and Leanne after both having over 12 years of experience between them working in high street, vintage inspired, and fashion supplier backgrounds. The inspiration from Rose’s Wardrobe derived from Emma and Leanne’s muses - their grandmas and great grandma - Patricia, Edna, and Rose. The aim is to produce replicas of the beautiful clothes their grandmas wore, using colours, styles and prints from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s. Anna joined our team this year as our brand assistant. She is a recent fashion graduate and helps out with everything from social media to sewing. You can connect with Rose’s Wardrobe on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest. Have a look at where Rose’s Wardrobe will be here. Read our sustainability statement. Or, shop the collection