A Bespoke Service from Rose's Wardrobe - Design your own clothes!

Rose’s Wardrobe offers truly unique, vintage inspired garments that are made just for you through their bespoke service. 


Knowing that your garment is Limited Edition makes it extra special. Many vintage shoppers love the one off element of true vintage.  So, Rose’s Wardrobe have introduced a Bespoke Service. This means that not only is your item handmade just for you, but like true vintage, the garments are rare and unique - but made to fit to your (or your giftees!) measurements.


Fabric, colour, style, and exact measurements are all chosen by the customer. There’s also the added reassurance that your selected bespoke piece will never appear as a Ready to Wear item on the website - when Rose’s Wardrobe commits to bespoke, they really have committed. 

To get started, there’s a simple form to fill in. If there’s an image you’d like to attach, please send that to hello@roseswardrobe.co.uk with the subject as your name so we can match up with the form.



If you love the idea of a completely bespoke garment and are eager to get started, Rose’s Wardrobe’s simple form couldn’t be easier to fill in.

Whether you’d like to change an element of an existing Rose’s Wardrobe design (take a look at Rose’s Wardrobe’s vintage inspired garments and accessories here), or something completely novel, you have the opportunity to write all about it in the form. 

The second decision to make is fabric. At Rose’s Wardrobe, we could search and stare at sustainable fabric all day! You may wish to provide your own fabric, choose from an existing fabric, have Rose’s Wardrobe source a fabric, or even design a fabric just for you. 

As Rose’s Wardrobe is committed to sustainability, all fabrics sourced/used are sustainable, natural or deadstock fabrics unless you are supplying the fabric yourself. Rose’s Wardrobe works from a local mill. You may want a special Scottish tartan that’s been woven just metres from where your dream garment comes together. 

Once the form has been submitted, the Rose’s Wardrobe team will look into your requirements and send you a follow up email or arrange a time for your complimentary Zoom call if you’ve chosen that option. You’ll be able to go into more depth about your garment, and receive a detailed estimate for your very own bespoke garment. 

Please note that Rose’s Wardrobe only takes on a certain amount of bespoke garments per month, so do fill in the form as soon as possible to ensure your garment can be made before Christmas!



The idea of designing your own garment and knowing it’ll be professionally handmade in Langholm is exciting, but you might also have drawn a blank on ideas!

In the past, Rose’s Wardrobe has created a bespoke ¾ circle skirt of Sally from @wheelingalong24 out of a heather wool. The fabric was sourced for Sally by Rose’s Wardrobe.

Alternatively, you may want to add ¾ or long sleeves to the popular Eva dress.

Take a look at Rose’s Wardrobe’s Instagram for more customer photos and inspiration for your bespoke garment


Rose’s Wardrobe was founded by Emma and Leanne after both having over 12 years of experience between them working in high street, vintage inspired, and fashion supplier backgrounds. The inspiration from Rose’s Wardrobe derived from Emma and Leanne’s muses - their grandmas and great grandma - Patricia, Edna, and Rose. The aim is to produce replicas of the beautiful clothes their grandmas wore, using colours, styles and prints from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s. You can connect with Rose’s Wardrobe on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Have a look at where Rose’s Wardrobe will be here. Read our sustainability statement. Or, shop the collection.